A typical plant from Jalapão region, situated in Tocantins state – Brazil that shines like gold.

Besides the natural glow of the golden grass, the quality of our handmade pieces is a great advantage of our products. We work with highly skilled craftsmen, producing parts of our sophisticated craftsmanship. The traditional plot explored, rescues the culture of Tocantins indigenous art, and is topped with “buriti” wires, a natural palm also found in the northern region of our country. All of our hand-crafted natural jewels are based in Golden Grass as the raw material. The noble and sturdy material does not use any chemical process, as most people think, it is only left to soak in water for more flexibility in handling and preparation of the parts. It is harvested once a year, respecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of Jalapão Desert, protected and preserved by the Tocantins state government park. This craft generates income for small communities in the state, besides being exported to other states and countries. A divine work of Mother Nature.


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